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We Provide 3 Days Free trial to every student who are willing to join us.



We provide Recitation of Holy Quran and memorization of Holy Quran


We start from Al Qaidah Nuraniah to make the student know how to read with Tajweed.

About Us

We established this institution to facilitate online users to learn Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Our Instructor are highly qualified in teaching Al Qaidah Nuraniah and Holy Quran.

We pray Almighty Allah to bless us to learn Holy Quran the way it has been instructed by our beloved Prophet(ﷺ).

Schedule Your Free Trial

We give 3 Days Free Trial to all students who are willing to join us. By doing these free classes it will help both teacher and student to know how they will be proceeding with their learning curriculum.

What we provide to our students?

We assign personal trainer/teacher to student. The sessions are grouped which will benefit students.


Reading Quran

We help the student to recite Holy Quran  with Tajweed

Memorizing Quran

We help the student to memorize Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Don't know how to memorize/recite Quran with Tajweed?

No issues we will make sure that you will be reading/memorize Holy Quran with Tajweed

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, We give 5 Days Money Back Guarantee on our plans.

Do you provide Free Trial?

Of course we provide 3 Days free trial 

Where are the teachers from?

Teachers are from Saudi Arabia

Do You provide books ?

Yes we provide but it charges 50$ with shipping charges it is one time charge.


What Our Families are Saying

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